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SatoSHE is an NFT project with the aim of empowering women artists from all over the world. Many have said that Satoshi Nakamoto is one of the most influential agents of change in modern history. One of Satoshi’s most important contributions was to stay anonymous, thus creating financial model that is not owned by any specific organization or central authority. We want to challenge conventional thinking and explore the possibility that Satoshi Nakamoto is a Female. Female artists from around the globe came together to collaborate on this genesis collection.


Art Description

My SatoSHE NFT is inspired by the Roman god Janus (female version). In Roman mythology, Janus represented the middle ground between both concrete and abstract dualities such as life/death, beginning/end, youth/adulthood, rural/urban, war/peace, and barbarism/civilization. Janus is portrayed with two faces—one facing the past, and one facing the future. In order to understand the messages in my illustration, you must divide it into two: left face (Future) and right face (Past). Right Face: For this face I took as a reference the statue of George Washington (from Mount Rushmore National Memorial) to represent the corrupt economy of today and the past. This face looks toward the door of a rabbit hole (from the novel Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll). If you take a good look at the door, you can realize that it is in turn part of a rabbit's ear and next to it there is a silhouette of a woman. Above the burrow you can see an eye that turns into a fish with fingers sticking out. The fish are holders with 50 - 100 Bitcoin. A group of fish make a shoal or bank of fish (here, I refer to the banks and their control). I have subtly placed the tail of a chameleon (a spiral) to represent the mimetic personality of today's economy. Left Face: SatoSHE, the person who invented Bitcoin. A woman with hair of octopus tentacles, the mouth of a humpback whale, endowed with an intelligence outside the normal (symbolically the UFO). SatoSHE's eye is shaped like the boa from the story "The Little Prince" (By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). Inside the eye is a B for Bitcoin and behind it is the symbol of the flower of life. The meaning behind the Flower of Life symbol is that it is believed to represent the cycle of creation. This symbol shows that all life and consciousness arises from one source. SatoSHE is an ordinary person who becomes Queen in the chess of life, she can do it all. Her gray dress contains the figure of the elephant that represents wisdom and abundance. The moon shines as a symbol of femininity and to remember: Bitcoin to the moon!


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